LinkedIn has significantly grown in popularity since its launch in 2003. Initially, the platform was a social network for professionals to host their resumes online. Since then, the platform has grown exponentially, with features that now provide relevant experiences to members, allowing them to engage with people and topics they value.   

There are a variety of benefits of LinkedIn to both businesses and individuals. Are you interested to find out more? Read our ‘reasons to make the most out of LinkedIn’ below.   

LinkedIn for Business  

LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to engage with their communities, present to potential clients, and market a company. Although the platform initially aimed at ‘corporate’ or ‘traditionally professional’ companies, there is increasing use from all types of businesses, including small start-ups and large well-known firms.   

Reasons for businesses to use LinkedIn  

  • Increase brand awareness  
  • Generate high-quality leads  
  • Promote products and services  
  • Establish leadership styles  
  • Improve SEO rankings  
  • Research competitors and competitor employees  
  • Source talent and future employees  
  • Create a legitimate professional network  

Personal LinkedIn  

Personal branding is a phenomenon that has been around for a while. However, since 2020, with the massive increase in people working from home, personal branding has reached an all-time high.   

But what is personal branding?  

Personal branding is the process of sharing your skills, experiences and values that differentiate you from others not only in your industry but beyond. LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity for personal branding.   

Reasons to use LinkedIn for personal branding  

  • Work on your reputation  
  • Show your abilities and portfolio to potential employers  
  • Create a solid first impression  
  • Build a good following  
  • Be part of a humanised organisation  

LinkedIn for Law Firms  

Although it takes time to build a reputable LinkedIn profile for businesses and personal profiles, it is worth the investment. For Law Firms, LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity to share insight, services, reviews and other community-based information to followers and wider audiences.   

At FireTap, we specialise in marketing for Law Firms and can support partners, employees and business pages to grow their LinkedIn profiles.   

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