Why Law Firms Should Track Their Competitors Online Presence?

Let’s face it, every law firm needs new clients to survive and grow. Although there are numerous ways to obtain new clients, in this blog post we are going to cover how to stand out from your online competitors to ensure you convert the online customers within your target market.

The importance of standing out from your competitors and keeping up to date with their latest online marketing campaigns is pretty self-explanatory – PROFIT!

Staying one step ahead and ensuring your business gets found online, as opposed to a direct online competitor is dire – especially in today’s digital world.

Growing your business through the use of effective Digital Marketing. Digital Advertising and Online Reviews give you that edge over your competitors. However, should the coin be flipped, it gives them the edge over your law firm.

“Business is a competition. As soon as you open your first business you’re at the start of a huge race to the finishing line. And it’s not just one race – it’s many different ones all at the same time.” – Huff Post

No business owner runs their business in isolation from their competitors. First things first, when opening up your law firm, you need to identify who your competitors are, what are their USPs and how they market themselves and their services. This will result in you gaining the upper hand. Not only will you be able to replicate what is working for them, but do it better. Understanding the ins and outs of your competitors is the key to winning the race.

Who are your online competitors? 

Identifying who your local online competitors are is simple – jump onto Google, Bing or any other search engine and type in keywords that are relevant to your law firm in the search bar: i.e.:

  • General (Short Tail keywords)
    • Solicitors in Kent
  • Specific (Long Tail Keywords)
    • Divorce Solicitors in Bromley

Once you have compiled a list of competitors you are able to identify what online tactics they are using to ensure there are listed on the first page of Google and within the Local geolocation. (See below)

online presence
Image via Google

Are they investing in Google Ads to ensure they rank above their competitors?

Or maybe they are putting all their time and effort into ongoing SEO, content creation and website optimisation. Perhaps they have gone full money and instructed a Marketing Agency to take care of all their digital marketing needs and desires.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Understanding the different digital marketing sectors is your next challenge. Working out what your online marketing services your law firm requires to ensure you outrank your online competitors. There are various different marketing techniques your law firm can utilise depending on your current online position.

Pay Per Click is extremely useful for law firms that are in the process of building their organic online presence. Climbing the organic rankings through the use of SEO is absolutely essential, however, it is a slow burner. It takes time and hard work to ensure your law firm features on the first page of Google and ultimately within the Google geo-location.

As mentioned above gaining a good organic ranking through content creation and SEO takes time. It is an absolutely vital activity that needs to be carried out on an ongoing basis. Even once your desired organic position has been reached, your law firm has to continue working on its website optimisation and new content needs to be published on an ongoing basis, to ensure you keep that position.

Google reviews are considered “word of mouth” in the digital world. Gaining positive reviews will not only contribute massively to your law firm’s reputation but also your SEO. If a prospective client is deciding between you and your online competitor, within the local area, the likelihood of the firm with the best online reviews gaining the online customer is high. Purchasing legal services is not something an individual or business does on a whim and it is reassuring to them when they come across a law firm with great reviews, as they feel like their matter will be addressed in a professional and efficient manner.

At FireTap Marketing we specialise in the legal sector. Having worked within the legal industry for over 10 years, our team are good at what they do – seriously good.  Should you have any questions about keeping an eye on your online competitor or any of our legal marketing services, give us a call on 0203 911 9715 or make an online enquiry here.