Do you follow some of your favourite brands on social media? Or frequently visit their websites? Ever wonder why? It is because their content is compelling!

Many people think content is just limited to one aspect – content writing, but there are so many other aspects of marketing involved when thinking about “content”.

Content can be:

  • Social media captions.
  • Blogs/articles.
  • Website content.
  • Video content.

Paying attention to content strategy is hugely important for any marketing campaign. It can help you design creative brand communication to reach your target audience adequately.

Writing compelling content can help your brand become more relatable to your audience and interest them further into finding out more about you. Understanding the power of well-written content can hugely improve your overall campaign strategy. Content writing can either make or break your brand, which is why many large brands invest heavily in it.

How can I make my written content effective?

The best marketing content should be written clearly, be engaging, and include effective SEO practices, e.g., keyword research and integration. Adding relevant keywords can be difficult because you might have terms like “trainers near me” as a popular key term. It would be difficult to add this verbatim, so you might want to highlight the locations where your product is located, like “trainers in Cannon Street”, so that Google’s AIs can detect your location and highlight your services to people near that particular area.

  • Consistency is key! Being consistent with content can include these practices:
  • Posting frequently on social media
  • Write blogs and articles weekly or fortnightly to keep your content high in search engine algorithms.
  • Creating persona profiles while developing your marketing strategy to help you effectively reach out to your target audience.

Top 5 tips on the importance of content writing in marketing:

Written content is the most effective way to target your SEO, generate leads, and give your brand a human identity. As consumers shift out of the conventional advertising world and into the digital sphere, your online content will become more and more valuable.

Here are five steps as to why content writing is so important:

  • It helps to build brand awareness.

Behind every business is a story, and this tends to be what endears people to your product. It is essential to view your buyer as a person. Try to avoid a “SELL SELL SELL” approach on your social media platforms as this would spam a potential buyer, and no one wants to be inundated with sales posts and messages! You need to get the consumer on your side and give them the chance to learn more about your service; writing appealing content can help a lot in this process. Using your social media platforms, blogs, website, and newsletters to create engaging and valuable content relating to your brand will help you reach your potential customers.

  • It helps to establish your business.

Talking about your business development and industry, e.g. sharing insights, trends and news, can leave a great impression on your target audience. Content writing helps you be active in your field and present your business ideas in various forms on multiple platforms. Posting regularly allows people to know what your business is about; it also makes it harder for them to forget you! It also informs individuals about what your company does to help them. This will inevitably drive the interest of people into your business.

  • Effective written content helps with Search Engine Optimisation.

If you do not have sufficient content, you are not using Search Engine Optimisation practices efficiently. A crucial part of SEO is ensuring your content is well-written, consistently using the most-searched keywords. This also boosts the business’ Google rankings. Video content also ranks higher when there is written content alongside it. Everything from a script to a YouTube description using keywords will help SEO. Content writing builds a brand and enhances the overall SEO.

  • Your content will be shared.

If your content is particularly relatable or enjoyed by a consumer, they will share it. The best content will reach your target audience. You can do this by using the relevant keywords with high search volumes, writing attention-grabbing headlines and using thought-provoking openers to ensure the reader is interested enough to read the remainder of your blog. An interesting blog post shared on social media can entice the reader and help your content stand out from the plethora of content on social media.

  • Great content will earn links from other websites.

The informative and compelling content you create and post on your website can always be used. No piece of content cannot be SEO optimised and used to drive more interest in your services. This can also significantly help with your SERP rankings.

How can FireTap help me with my content writing?

FireTap has a team of experienced writers who have worked with brands for many years to effectively and creatively tell a story that sparks conversation. We always write, considering SEO, ensuring optimisation is at the top of our list! We can assist with a range of content creation services, including; video, webinars, podcasts, white papers, case studies, blogs, newsletters and website content.

FireTap can help you deliver targeted brand messaging that effectively promotes your business and its services whilst ensuring that your pages are optimised and relevant. We create content for people, not robots.

Our service includes using the best marketing tools on offer to complete a detailed competitive analysis allowing us to identify where content is missing, helping us to generate valuable and innovative content that is fully optimised and written to entice the reader.

Find out more about how FireTap can help you with your content writing by clicking here.