“Why aren’t people reading my blogs? I want to create more, but don’t know how?” Is there going to be traffic? Are people going to find it interesting? Will they read past the introduction? What is it about blogging that intimidates so many of us? What techniques do some of the best blog sites utilize to make their content so special? In the Digital Marketing World, regularly creating new content/blogs is most important. Without them, your website will be updated less regularly, more difficult to find through Search Engines and your Social Media Accounts will be seriously lacking content. Blog writing however can be seen as quite a daunting task if you don’t know how it’s done right. This is where the understanding of Content Marketing and Copywriting becomes valuable.

Content Marketing:

Types: Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Social Media Copy (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.)

Content Marketing is where you create and share free content which is beneficial to a reader. It attracts and converts prospects into customers, and customers into continuous buyers. Generally speaking, the content you share is related to what you sell – Your brand, your service, your message etc. You build solidarity with readers via your content by educating them. Gradually, trust is built amongst yourself and the reader which then encourages them to continue business with you.

In short, content marketing is generous. You share valuable insight as much as you can. It’s shared through ebooks, White Papers, Reports, Blogs, Videos and Podcasts.


Types: Focus on the choice of language; The magnetic headlines, the landing pages, the first sentence of your introduction etc.

Copywriting is an art and science of strategically utilizing certain linguistic choices (whether written or spoken) that creates an emotional response within the reader enabling them to take some form of action.

In short, copywriting involves persuasion and creativity. It’s what draws the reader in. You can nurture such copy through advertising, brochures, press releases, website landing pages and more.

How do you combine the two to create a good blog?

  1. Headlines: Is your headline enticing? What’s so special about your headline that a ‘scroller’ should click into it? What makes your piece so different from another?
  2. Content: Does it benefit the reader? How is it rewarding? Is there a reason why they should come back to your website?
  3. Call to Action: What should the reader do next? Should they subscribe? Should they tune in next week for another piece? Should they go like your social media pages?
  4. Humanize your content: Content Marketing is often done to support your SEO efforts, however, you should never just write for the Search Engines. Always write for the people. People appreciate the content they understand and can relate to. Make your content search engine friendly so new readers can find you.
  5. Be Generous: Provide as much valuable free content as you can. Ideally, 2-3 blogs a week shows the reader that you’re just as committed to them as they are to you.
  6. Pay Attention to your Readers: Who is your audience? Who do you want reading your blogs? What kind of content would they prefer? What is enjoyable? No one wants to read a generic piece, produce something that brings enjoyment and is beneficial to the reader, provide something that provides insight.
  7. Pay attention to your words: Try to avoid technical jargon. As much as you would like to ‘show off’ your technical knowledge, readers often enjoy simple sentence structures, with relatively common words i.e. Everyday Spoken Language. It reduces the social distance between writer and reader and gradually builds readership loyalty.

As complicated as it sounds, just understanding the basics of blogging can make a big impact. Have a hand at writing your own blog!

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