What’s in a Name? Are you pronouncing these 10 iconic brand names incorrectly?

When setting up a new business or launching a product one of the key elements is coming up with that all-important brand name and logo. Do you go down a traditional route, perhaps using a family name or come up with a completely new word that doesn’t actually mean anything, an anagram or a blend word?

Did you know that many popular brand names are commonly mispronounced? How have you been saying these famous brands below and are you saying them correctly?

Branding that inspires success – How to Find the Right Company Name for your Business

Whilst coming up with a company name that seems a little bit different may seem like a good way to stand out from the crowd, make sure you are not alienating your target audience by creating a name they cannot pronounce or understand.  If they don’t understand the branding, will they understand what you are selling?

There are always exceptions to the rule, as you can see from the iconic brand names below, but generally, it will be clear, easy to process information that will inspire confidence, ability and trust. Hitting the right note can be challenging, but determining what makes your brand unique will set you in the right direction in finding the perfect brand name and one that will resonate with your target audience. Take some time to establish your goals and how this can be projected in the company name and logo, think about the different groups of brand names and decide if one of these fits your objectives? For example:

  • Founder / Owner:  Who has set up the company or created the product? For example Cath Kidston, Johnson & Johnson, Ford.
  • Evocative: Something that is descriptive of what you do or sell such as Smith Plumbing.
  • Invented: A totally made-up name or words, such as Instagram or Sony
  • Symbolic: Emotive language or mythical terminology, places or animals, for example, Sky, Nike or Apple
  • Acronym: Branding that combines initials or an abbreviation, for example, TFL (Transport for London) BBC or KFC
  • Combo: A name that is a “portmanteau” (two words mixed together) or a real word with a made-up spelling, such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Check out the 10 brands below that have sometimes caused confusion.

We may be used to seeing these brands every day but are we saying them correctly?


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