In early November 2021, Google announced the roll-out of Performance Max campaigns. Dubbed a “new way to buy Google ads”, the new campaign type has made waves in pay-per-click advertising.

In this article, we will run through all you need to know about Performance Max.

What is Performance Max?

Performance Max is an automated campaign type, similar to a Smart campaign but slightly different.

The primary difference between Performance Max and other Google campaign types is that when using Performance Max, Google automates the campaign’s targeting and delivery based on the advertiser’s information and conversion goals. The campaign then uses automated bidding technology to deliver the adverts to the relevant target audience.

Google will automate ad creation based only on the assets provided, similar to how responsive display ads work.

It uses a goal-based campaign type letting advertisers increase conversions across Google’s multitude of advertising channels, including Display, Maps, Search, Discovers, YouTube and Gmail. This allows advertisers to easily increase their brand awareness and online presence from one campaign across different platforms using different ad formats (dynamic ads).

When to use Google Performance Max Campaigns

Google recommends you use Performance Max when:

  • You have specific advertising and conversion goals
  • Your ads aren’t limited to a particular channel
  • You want an all-access pass to Google’s advertising channels using a single campaign
  • You want to take your keyword-based Search campaigns even further

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What are the benefits of Performance Max?

Through the automated optimisation of budget and bids across all Google platforms, Performance Max hopes to increase online conversions and leads. This could prove more efficient than a generic search campaign.

Performance Max can help you identify new audience segments you might have been unaware of with Google’s real-time data on shopper intent and preferences. This can ensure your ads are shown to relevant, interested shoppers.

The new campaign utilises assets provided by the advertiser. This gives you the power and control to create assets that will capture your target audience’s attention, allowing you to take control of your ad campaign.

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