Any marketer will know that various contributing factors make a Google Ads campaign successful. So how best do you optimise your advert to ensure it stands out from your competitors? To increase the effectiveness and reach of each campaign, it is imperative that you use Google Ad Extensions.

In this article, we will be exploring what Google Ad Extensions are, why you should be using them and the different options available.

What are Google Ad Extensions?

Google Ads offer “Google Ad Extensions” to help expand your advert with additional information, giving visitors more reason to click on your advert and choose your business.

The ad extensions offer an opportunity to add, adjust and alter your Google Ads Campaign.

On average, Google finds there can be a 10 to 15% uplift in click through rate (CTR) when implementing an ad extension.

There are different extensions for different elements, and that is why you often see various layouts for sponsored results when searching for something on Google.

Below is an example; we got the following results when searching for email marketing software on Google.

The two adverts use different Ad Extensions to display various results, hoping to make their adverts look more appealing.

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Why should you use Google Ad Extensions?

Simply put – Google Ad Extensions help boot traffic and get more conversions.

Although ad extensions are an enhanced feature, they are quick and straightforward to set up and can considerably increase your CTR, landing page views and ultimately your conversions.

By using Google Ad Extensions, you get:

More Visibility and Ad Space

With the limited real estate available for Google Ads, it is crucial that you utilise all relevant elements available to you to increase your ad’s visibility. With Google Ad Extensions, you can claim more space by adding CTAs and content. See below for an example:

As you can see from the above image, the first business has a long, detailed ad that offers a lot of information to viewers with different options. The second business only has a one-line description. Which do you find more appealing?

Relevant High-Quality Leads

Now that you have more ad space after using the Google Ad Extensions, you can provide more information to your potential customers, ideal for filtering leads.

As users have more information on what to expect once they land on your website, they are more likely to convert. Poor quality leads are likely to see, from your expanded ad, that you do not offer the service or product they require and will likely move on, thus saving you from spending your budget on irrelevant clicks.

Watch this video for further information on how to create Google Ad Extensions.

The Top 4 Google Ad Extensions

  1. Sitelinks

Sitelinks provide you with the ability to add different links to your ads. This allows users to visit different landing pages that may be more relevant to what they are looking for, rather than being directed to your home page or dedicated landing page.

WordStream reported that “advertisers have seen an 8% uplift in their click-through rate by using Sitelinks Google Ad extension.”

  1. Structured Snippets

Structured snippets are Google Ad Extensions that highlight aspects of your products, services, or popular features that users may be looking for.

As mentioned above, this allows you to provide value before the click, and it can help reduce poor leads from taking your time and budget.

  1. Call Extensions

Call extensions allow potential customers to contact you directly. It can reduce the processing time and give the impression that you and your business are just a phone call away.

It is a simple way to add your phone number to your ad to display when users search for a product or service you offer.

Call extensions work best on mobile devices where users can just click on the number and call you straight away.

  1. Location Extensions

Location extensions let you add your physical address to your ad. SocialMediaToday reported that 46% of all Google searches are for local information – this is a powerful statistic.

This is perfect for businesses that rely on face-to-face visits for transactions. Location extensions make it easier for customers to find where you are and visit if they want.

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