In 2023, marketing has become essential to the success of any law firm, keeping one step ahead of your competitors by bringing in new clients and retaining current ones. These top 5 tips will help boost your business and increase your presence online.

1) Personalisation

Especially for small law firms, creating a connection with the client is essential. Various ways to do this are “Meet the Team” posts on social media, having photos and descriptions of all fee-earners on their relevant website pages and interacting with the local community by sponsoring local teams or participating in events. This creates a vital link between you and the client, increasing the client’s trust in your company, and thus, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors.

2) Artificial Intelligence

With the advancement of AI tools in 2023, law firms would benefit from understanding how to use them to improve their online presence. AI programs like ChatGPT and Writingmate allow users to save time when creating copy for social posts or blogs, proofreading and paraphrasing. AI can even assist with analysing data and SEO; RankIQ helps you to find and target various keywords when creating content, allowing you to skyrocket to the first page of search engines.

3) Client Reviews

Client reviews on platforms such as Google My Business, ReviewSolicitors and Yell can impact a business greatly. Positive reviews and testimonials increase a potential client’s trust in your firm. A high rating on Google My Business can also improve your SEO. This causes your site to appear higher up for key search terms. With the top three search results getting between 50-60% of clicks, this can impact your business’ online performance significantly.

4) Short-Form Content

With the popularity of TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels rising, law firms should learn how to use short-form content to their advantage. Short, snappy videos make grabbing a viewer’s attention easier and more likely to get their message across too. Additionally, by using these platforms, there is potential for User Generated Content (UGC) to be created. This can be very beneficial to your brand, as other people are promoting your business for you.

5) Working with a Specialist

Just like within law, working with a specialist often leads to better results. This can help save time while procuring better results, as either an in-house or an external agency marketing manager will have more in-depth knowledge on topics such as SEO and PPC specific to your sector. These areas of marketing are much harder to manage on top of your other tasks, requiring extensive research and training to complete successfully. Sometimes it is just better to stick with what you do best!

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