Stories are coming to LinkedIn

At the end of last month, LinkedIn confirmed that it has decided to follow in the footsteps of its social media contemporaries such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, by testing its own version of ‘Stories’.  They have been testing the new feature internally and have said they expect to roll out the new feature to all users over the next few months.

According to Pete Davies, LinkedIn’s head of content products, the goal is to provide a lighter, more casual way of interacting in the business-focused world that makes up LinkedIn. He believes the new Stories format will be great for sharing key moments from work events, for example, tips and tricks or to make an initial invitation to connect.

“Stories first appeared on Snapchat, with other platforms like Instagram and Facebook adopting them soon after. They spread for a good reason: they offer a lightweight, fun way to share an update without it having to be perfect or attached to your profile forever.  

Does that exist in the business world? I’d hope that most of my interactions in the break room or passing people in the hall are similarly ephemeral and light. The same holds true for cubicle and coffee shop banter around the world: sometimes we want a way to just make a connection, have a laugh with our colleagues and move on.”

This isn’t actually the first time LinkedIn has tried rolling out a similar story format; in 2018 it tested a similar feature called “student voices” that allowed college students to post videos to a ‘campus playlist’ featured within the LinkedIn app. However, Student Voices was limited in who could use it (offered to college students only) and what was allowed to be posted (video only). It seems that the new updated LinkedIn Story feature will be rolled out to all users.

Whilst it is not immediately apparent how this service will be rolled out or if it will be able to be featured on company pages, businesses can start to think about how to use this updated feature to communicate ephemeral content with their target audiences, expand audience exposure to your brand and services and boost your wider social media efforts.

At FireTap our marketing team will be keeping a close eye on the developments and looking at how this new feature can benefit our clients.

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