The saying we eat with our eyes rings truer than ever in the Digital Age. In the culinary world, it means assembling a plate so pleasing to the eye that it appears to be far more appetizing. From a Digital perspective, one could argue that the proliferation of foodie culture across social media has been on a steady rise in recent years. Here’s a scenario, picture yourself heading to work, you’re scrolling through your news feed on Instagram or Facebook and spot an image or a video about food (now culturally known as food porn videos), you’re curious, you want to try it and find out more about what it is, its’ location and what do you do? You try to find information about it. Google or Social Media is your best bet.


To all the Bars & Restaurants, if you’re not on Social Media, then where are you? Social Media Marketing for Restaurants and Bars should be an integral part of your Marketing Strategy. First, your competitors are most likely on it. Second, your CUSTOMERS are definitely utilizing it to scout the next best food/drink trend. With that being said, if you’re not on Social Media, you ARE missing out. You’re missing out on acquiring new customers. You’re missing out on spreading brand awareness and you’re missing out on a ton of free publicity.

Why Social Media?

‘People are glued to their phones and are not interacting with one another.’ To a certain extent, you could argue that this statement is relatively accurate as the idea of one having a 1-to-1 conversation without the distraction of their phone is extremely rare in this time and day. However, in regards to Social Media, it couldn’t be any less false. Social Media is all about Interaction and Engagement. With a touch of a button, you can stay in touch with friends and family across the globe, see what they’re doing, learn about their whereabouts and get involved in their lives. Every like, comment, share is an interaction with someone else.

It’s essential for your business to maintain a strong social media presence to create and foster relationships with customers, build communities and develop brand loyalty.

So where should you start?

  1. What platforms should you be on?

Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business.

Facebook: Facebook, known as the largest, most diverse platform of audiences is by far the best option for interaction. Customers can leave a review on your page, check in that they were at your location using their smartphones, upload photos to your page in which they can tag you, as well as reach out to you on messenger with questions.

Instagram: Referring back to the statement ‘we eat with our eyes’, it couldn’t fit more accurately with any Social Media platform other than Instagram. Instagram is entirely photo-based. It’s been reported that food photos are consistently ranked as one of the highest trends on their platform. i.e. #Foodporn was utilised 76, 239, 441 times the past year. For over a decade, this term has evolved into a way of documenting meals that are recognized for their presentation.

Food for thought: How many times have you been in a restaurant and seen someone snapping a pic of their food prior to eating it?

Google My Business: Not the typical Social Media source, but still very necessary for a business as it gives your business legitimacy.

Google My Business allows your business to mark itself on Google Maps, allow photos that the business’s had to be tagged through GPS, as well as google reviews, which is what a lot of people are looking for when they search your company on Google.

  1. What should I post about? Content?

Content is definitely King. It’s the backbone of any form of Social Media Marketing strategy. Within this industry, (Social Media Marketing for Restaurants and Bars) it’s all about the images. So how do you get the perfectly curated picture?

  1. Natural lighting is key
  2. Colour contrast: Bright and Colourful
  3. It’s all about the filters
  4. Angles, angles, angles (just based on selfies, we all know the importance of angles)

In regards to content itself, focus on the hashtags. As mentioned earlier, #foodporn has been searched up a lot. Stay on trend regarding the latest hashtags and include them in your posts to maximise exposure.

ALSO, don’t forget about the pics you’re tagged in. It’s basically free advertising from your customers! With one tag/hashtag with your business name, you gain free exposure.

Overall, just make it attractive, make it funny, and make it worth stopping for.

  1. What specific time you should be Posting?

There’s methodology behind this madness. Generally speaking, the best time to post is during the morning when people are commuting to work, during breaks, around lunchtime or early in the evening.  For example, let’s say you have a killer dinner offer, post about it around 5.30 (around the time people would be heading back from work and it will get their taste buds tingling).

  1. Get checked-in

One of the important strategies in Social Media Marketing for Restaurants and Bars is that it’s a place where people can boast about and put pictures tagging the location.

This is a bonus for you since it can help you reach far more people than usual. And it works just like reviews and ratings. But the only advantage is that It helps you reach a wider audience.

  1. Be Alert!

Follow, follow, follow. Stay alert of trends, food challenges & memes. Keep a list of relevant hashtags and accounts that you regularly follow from.

  1. Engage

Talk to them. Respond to comments and reviews, like and share photos and posts that they tag your business in.  Remember, Social Media is all about starting a conversation!

Social media is a long-term marketing strategy. With patience, you’ll see a big-time payoff.

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