Now you can find the image sizes for all Social Media platforms in one place in our Social Media Cheat Sheet Infographic!

Are you a busy Marketer wanting to stay on top of all the latest Social Media changes?

Strong visual assets are a fantastic tool to assist you in growing your audience and raising the chances of users clicking on your page. Users are increasingly led by not only powerful and thought provoking copy, but also visually stunning images, where the eye is usually first drawn. Your images and their quality can be the difference between anything from engagement to a conversion! According to Twitter, attaching an image to your post on Twitter can increase your engagement by up to double, and a 35% boost on Retweets. Buzzsumo also found that ‘Facebook posts with images receive 70% more shares than those without images.

With the Social Media world constantly evolving, as a busy Marketer, it can be daunting trying to keep up to date while you’re juggling two new campaigns and tracking the one you just made live! With updates from Image Size and dimensions, to Facebook introducing Video options for Cover Images, you may find yourself feeling left behind.

Well Firetap has created the solution!

We have created a Social Media Cheat Sheet where you can find the latest Social Media updates all in one place. With updates happening both unexpectedly and frequently, we have updated some key image dimensions to ensure you can produce and optimize your content to the highest quality, all the while maximising your opportunities through your visual assets. ‘The Social Media Cheat Sheet’ explains the recommended image sizes for various Social Media Platforms, as different Social Media Platforms offer different dimensions, it can be confusing to differentiate, luckily we have compiled a clear, concise and easy to read info-graphic.

We have included the key dimensions in our Social Media Cheat Sheet for the 5 giants of Social Media including:






Let’s get info-graphic!

Social Media Image Cheat Sheet 1

Social Media Cheat sheet 2

Social Media Cheat Sheet 3


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