At the end of 2017, Google introduced Rich Results and the Rich results tool.Rich Results Test Tool Gets an Important Update from Google

The testing tool helps you see if your website is eligible to show in search engine results pages (SERP) as part of rich snippets. Unfortunately, the website is still a BETA version and can only validate data sources corresponding to recipes, job postings, movies and courses.  And if you test a website that is not included in the categories mentioned above, you will see the following message: “Page not eligible for rich results known by this test”:

Rich Results Test Tool Gets an Important Update from Google1

However, Google recently (January 7th) announced on their Google Webmasters Twitter account that the Rich Results Test now supports code editing in the tool. They have also been kind enough to prepare a recipe snippet, for webmasters, to sharpen their skills on rich snippet code editing before the changes are implemented on your website. You can view it here.

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