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Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Diners live a digital life, navigating through your menu, hot deals and reviews from other customers’ experiences. They can even visit a restaurant without being actually there thanks to the power of technology. Thus, it’s important to engage online with your audience. If you are not already doing this, you are missing a huge opportunity to get more people dining at your restaurant.

What Will Shape The Restaurant Industry in 2017?

According to MCA’s Hospitality Sector Digital Growth Report 2017, consumers continue to increase both their frequency of eating out (about one in nine meals per month) and their average spend (£18.11 at dinner) across all channels - the highest ever average spend.

The Drinking Out Market

The most volatile behaviour when it comes to choosing drinks can be seen across the 18-24 age group. This generation is constantly on the lookout for new, exciting and unfamiliar experiences, so as a licensee you need to keep the stock fresh. The challenge remains for drink brands to make themselves stand out in what is fast becoming a saturated market.

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