Our Approach

Our approach is flexible, transparent and engaging.

We believe you should be in control – FireTap puts you in charge of your marketing spend.

We will agree a budget, with you, for your marketing spend and we will not exceed that budget without your expressed permission.

Once we understand your marketing goals, we will confirm how many hours we need in order to perform the tasks required, to meet your expectations.

We will apply our hourly rate so it is very clear:-

  • the amount you need to pay
  • the work we will do

We believe in transparency

Therefore, with every invoice you will receive a detailed time sheet which confirms:-

  • the work we undertook
  • when it was done
  • who performed the work

We believe in flexibility – We also allow you to adjust your budget up or down month by month.

We believe in preparation – We will agree with you a rolling 3 months content and strategy plan, so both you and our team know what is expected and when.

Through this approach you will have complete transparency and control over your marketing spend.

How We Charge

FireTap charges a fixed hourly rate for all services provided.

  • We ensure we understand your requirements and objectives before confirming which of our services you will need.
  • We will then provide you with a quotation, which itemises each task clearly and confirms the number of hours each service requires.
  • Our quotation will be clear and you will know the maximum spend that will be charged for the work we do.
  • We will not exceed the estimated charges unless we have your permission to do so.

We believe that our unique approach to charging our clients in this way provides transparency and control over their marketing spend.

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