We have all heard the age-old saying, new year, new me, however, we don’t think there has ever been a year that has taken this phrase quite as literally as the group of people leaving 2020 and entering 2021. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a plethora of turbulent financial pressures, many law firms are seeking to merge, rebrand, restructure, and reintroduce their firms to the market in a way that is innovative and forward-thinking, and hoping to leave the hardships 2020 behind.

In this blog, we highlight, what rebranding is, why it is important and the top 3 important factors to consider when rebranding your law firm.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding can best be described as a strategic marketing move that involves changing a company’s corporate image by developing a new name and identity. The goal of rebranding is to create a differentiated brand identity in the minds of consumers, investors, prospects, competitors, employees, and the general public.

Why is rebranding for law firms important?

Quite simply, the world is changing. Evolution is a natural process, and it is important when the global market is in a state of flux, that you and your firm find new ways of doing things in order to stay competitive. Consumers are more critical of brands these days and choose ones they feel they can identify with.

 Other reasons why law firms decide to rebrand include:

  • Your law firm is going through a merger, acquisition or demerger.
  • The law firm’s brand aesthetic is outdated or no longer speaks to the values of the firm.
  • Difficulties in translating your current visual identity into digital touchpoints.
  • Your company expanding its international presence, leading to your existing brand portraying the wrong message to its future stakeholders.
  • Damage to your reputation with your brand receiving negative associations.
  • Your brand is not doing a good enough job to differentiate you in the marketing place.
  • The need for brand unity.

Find the right balance

In 2021, transparency is the key to winning over your clients and it is therefore vital that you pay tribute to your firms’ history when rebranding, while still finding ways to truly portray what your current firms’ values represent. There are too many law firms that do not differentiate themselves from their competitors and therefore, make it difficult for clients to choose. Make sure you put a lot of thought into this at the outset and have a clear, transparent strategy for your firm before undertaking any rebrand.

Research, research, research

It goes without saying that jumping into a decision to rebrand too quickly will end in disaster. Be sure to use the resources available to you to truly analyse the market, the current needs of your clients and the needs of your potential clients. Find out which of your competitors are doing well and which of your competitors have struggled, learn from their mistakes and have a clear, well-researched strategy in place before making the decision to rebrand your firm.

Introduce your new brand to your stakeholders.

Ensure both internal and external stakeholders are aware of your decision to rebrand and support the progression. In the current digital age that we live in so many firms have been burnt by not letting their clients know about their rebrand until it actually happens, resulting in mass confusion and a betrayal of brand loyalty and trust. Be sure to explain through as many channels as you can, both online and offline, the reasons behind the change. This ensures your stakeholder’s will buy in and still feel part of the firm.

Let’s socialise 

Above anything else, rebrand when it feels right. Take the time to do it right and carefully remember – evolution is better than revolution, chat to our team of legal digital marketing experts today for more information on how to rebrand effectively.

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