Content writing is not as easy as it sounds. To be a great writer is one thing, but incorporating the marketing aspect of content writing can be quite challenging for even the most seasoned blog or article writer.

This blog will provide you with the top 5 tips and hacks to help you reach out to your target audience and increase your search traffic indefinitely. This blog will allow you to attract more customers and consumers, increase your website traffic and boost your email subscribers list. These content writing hacks and SEO content writing tips will guide you into the first steps of an excellent social media strategy.

Use attractive, clickable titles.

Once you have this sorted, half of the work is done. The first step is to attract the customer to your content. An enticing and catchy headline is guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention. You may find you spend a lot of time trying to curate the headline of your article, but with apps like TikTok and Instagram, the overall attention span of the average social media user is less than 10 seconds, so be sure to capture their attention instantly with a great title.

Utilise existing and similar content.

The internet is a vast space, everyone has searched for everything, and the nature of what you are writing about has certainly been searched for or written about before, BUT do not use this as a cheat to limit the time spent on your content. You can use the themes and applicable information to brainstorm what you will be writing about.

Format your content in an engaging way, following on from your catchy title. You should also ensure that you use the relevant keywords in your text, ensuring it applies to the reader and your target audience. You want your content to show up as the top result when your target audience searches for anything in your field.

Quality over quantity 

A great step toward grabbing your user’s attention is to present all the important and applicable information at the beginning of your content, as your reader is looking for the valuable information that applies to them. The importance of using keywords and optimising your SEO can not be emphasised enough; some readers literally use the “find” tool to look for the specific area of information they are searching for. So to ensure a successful marketing journey and interest in your services, it is essential to remember quality over quantity.


When writing any piece of content, P.E.E (Point, Evidence, Explanation) is an acronym to store in your memory. If you make any point or claim, you should back it up with research. Marketing experts and business writers always back their claims with research, including statistics or information from your own sales and business progression.

Something to also consider when you raise your research, you may think it is a good idea to paint yourself as an expert in the industry, but you will also need credible sources to back your claims. Although you will not always be able to back up the claims you make with relevant statistical correlations or quantitative research, you can use examples to back up these claims.

Keeping P.E.E as a foundational base in your content writing research makes it easier for your readers and potential clients to decipher what you are trying to say and increase the credibility and legitimacy of your services.

One way in which you can do this is to quote a few of your reviews from your customers in your blogs to show how successful your product or service has been. If there has been a change in marketing strategy or business progression which has increased leads or sales, you should not hesitate to share this on your online platforms.

Proof your content

The average content writer can spend between 2-3 hours on a piece of content. This includes planning, research and drafting. When you have taken such a long time working on something, inevitably, you will take pride in it and have difficulty reviewing it with a critical eye. This could also result from tiredness after repeatedly looking at your text in the drafting process.

There are many ways to combat what seems to be a tedious proofing process. Here are some steps to make it that little bit easier.

  • Ask a couple of your colleagues to review your text and make the relevant amendments.
  • Invest in a proofing application; apps like Grammarly or Hemingway are fantastic digital proofing applications.
  • Take a break from the entire copywriting process and work on something else, then return to it, either at a later date or in a few hours and review it.
  • If you can work with an editor, they can make the relevant changes too; after all, that is what they are trained in.

The main hack behind writing a great piece of content is to ensure it is authentic and not too salesy. You want to ensure it stands out when compared to your competitors. If you remember the abovementioned points and use the tools available to ensure your submitted work is of the best quality, this will surely drive traffic to your site and convert many of your leads into actual customers.

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