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Marketing for Law Firms

We help Law Firms with Big Goals Navigate the Digital world

Based in the heart London’s West End, we are a specialist Digital Marketing Agency with extensive experience working within the Legal Sector. From multi-practice Solicitors to specialist Law Firms, we work with our clients to grow brand awareness, engage effectively with existing clients, increase new business leads and forge new and lasting relationships with new customers. In other words, our aim is to serve as your marketing consultant. We want to develop and implement great marketing strategies to help your Law Firm grow.

As with all professional services, Law Firms are finding that generating new business and attaining clients through the traditional methods of paper advertising, or ad-hoc enquiries is less and less effective and are looking for new ways to stay competitive in the legal market.

FireTap can provide Digital Marketing Consultancy for a wide range of issues, from reviewing your law firms’ online presence to identifying issues and opportunities, helping you to develop a digital marketing strategy to help you break a new market, analysing a website that looks nice but isn’t converting customers, or providing detailed budget forecasting and keyword research before you dive into Search Engine Advertising.

Without Online Visibility How Will They Find You?

Recent figures show that over 85% of consumers use the internet as a research tool when looking for a new business. Search Engines, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more provide the instant information they are looking for. Ensuring that your brand is marketed accurately and is visible online should be a crucial part of your marketing plan. Apart from generating new leads, having an online presence not only allows you to maintain a relationship with your current clients but also allows you to have a community which builds trust amongst one another. Clients are always in the picture in regards to company updates, and will always feel engaged.

Website visitor traffic is great, but not all ‘traffic’ is created equal. Each firm varies in the services it provides; so our online development team will work with you to ensure that the relevant consumers are targeted and strategically drive relevant, quality traffic to your website and content.

How do you make your law firm stand out from your competitors? What makes your law firm more appealing? How do you increase its’ visibility online? How do you show that your services are unique? We are here to help with that. We help target relevant audience that converts to genuine new enquiries!


Our Marketing Services for Law Firms



How FireTap Can Develop your Practices’ Brand and Online Presence?


FireTap combines a mixture of inbound and outbound marketing techniques alongside our digital marketing methods to develop bespoke plans for our clients tailored to suit the needs of their Law Firm. Our services can include a number of approaches including but not limited to:


    • Outbound Telemarketing / Customer Feedback
    • Marketing Material Design and Print
    • Promotional and Networking Event Organisation
    • Brand Development & PR
    • SEO and Website Development
    • Content Optimisation and Creation
    • PPC
    • Social Media Marketing and Management


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Do you want to improve your digital footprint and improve marketing for your Law Firm? If so, we are here to help!

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