LinkedIn is one of the world’s most advanced platforms in digital marketing, and for good reason.

However, many businesses have fallen into the trap of not utilising social networks to the best of their ability. If you are not yet sold on the idea, or you do not know where to start, we can help. In this article, we will highlight what LinkedIn marketing is, why it’s important for you and your business and the ins and outs of LinkedIn ads.

At FireTap, we know how to make the most of your social media and use it as an effective digital marketing tool for connecting with your target audience. Our highly skilled Social Media Management team have years of experience working with businesses from a wide range of sectors to build and grow their social media presence.

Our Social Media Advertising can help your business to target B2C and B2B audiences, increasing your audience reach and generating strong engagement with your brand, products or services.

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What is LinkedIn Marketing? 

According to, LinkedIn Marketing is defined as ‘the process of using LinkedIn to make connections, generate leads, improve brand awareness, foster business relationships and partnerships, share content, and drive traffic to your website.’ Quite simply, if you are not utilising LinkedIn as an advertising platform, your business is being left behind. LinkedIn is an integral part of many successful marketing strategies because of how effective it can be in expanding professional networks. Unlike Facebook and other social platforms, the amount of data available on LinkedIn is unrivalled. Although LinkedIn has fewer users than Facebook, profiles found on LinkedIn are exclusively those of professionals; profiles like these are almost impossible to identify in the same capacity on other social media platforms.

What is LinkedIn Ads? 

As the name suggests, LinkedIn ads are paid adverts that are shared across LinkedIn. LinkedIn Ads can be highly effective both for B2B campaigns and for reaching a professional target audience. LinkedIn, as you may already know, is the most advanced and popular professional social network on a global scale and is an essential aspect of successfully marketing your B2B business.

Advantages of using LinkedIn Adverts? 

  • Networking and traffic
  • Track profile visits and traffic analytics
  • Assist with driving traffic to your website
  • Find the perfect people for your organisation
  • Connect with our social platforms or blogs on your website
  • Promote courses, seminars and conferences

Is LinkedIn Advertising Expensive? 

Many companies have complained about how expensive LinkedIn ads are, and this may be true when compared to other social networks, however, the key to achieving success here is in optimisation. Also, it’s important to note that as with any contextual CPC ads, the price depends on your targeting criteria and your competition. The most important part is not that you pay per click/impression, but that you run a successful campaign. How do you run a successful campaign? Maximal optimisation of bids and focusing the budget on ads that will provide the best results.

What are the types of LinkedIn Ads? 

LinkedIn advertising offers you a multitude of ad types and formats to experiment with, based on your specific requirements and objectives. When running LinkedIn Ads, you will need to select your ad format based on the overall action you want to drive. Across all their offerings, LinkedIn advertising supports brand awareness, website visits, engagement, video views, lead generation, site conversions, and job applications. There are ten types of LinkedIn adverts that can be adapted to any company goal or objective.

  • Carousel Ads – tells an interactive story that inspires prospects to act.
  • Conversation Ads -Start quality conversations with professionals through a choose your own path experience.
  • Dynamic Ads -Engage prospects with ads automatically personalised to them.
  • Job Ads – Promote and drive applications to job opportunities at your company.
  • Lead Gen forms – Collect even more quality leads from your ads on LinkedIn with seamless pre-filled forms.
  • Message Ads -Send direct messages to your prospects to spar immediate action.
  • Single Image Ads – Run native ads in the LinkedIn feed with an engaging visual across desktop and mobile.
  • Single Job Ads – Drive quality candidates to your LinkedIn Job slots.
  • Text Ads -Drive new customers to your business – on a budget that works for you.
  • Video Ads – Captivate a professional audience with native video at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Let’s Socialise

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