2019 legal marketing trends

The legal services sector has grown massively over the past 10 years. With high-quality solicitors becoming more readily available, it is key that law firms make a conscious effort to stand out above their competitors.

It may seem absurd that such a traditional vocation should be subject to align with modern-day methods, but times have changed and with 62% of law firms increasing focus on marketing and business development, it is important to increase activities in these two areas of focus and capture the attention of the millennial generation.

CRM Software

Computers are there to make life easier, right? Often, it can feel as though our computers work against us. But this could just mean you haven’t discovered the right tools for your computer system. Customer relationship management software has been installed across a wide number of firms to improve and control customer data. Solicitors and marketers within legal firms can use CRM software to simplify the process of collecting, keeping and extracting data; and cutting out the middleman can help your firm to save time. And money.

Implementing other software across your systems could also prove resourceful in minimising time spent formatting and organising time-consuming administrative tasks. Take the PitchPerfect software from Enable Business Solutions, for example, they provide a perfect example of how automated software can make life easier by auto-generating pitch documents and keeping branding consistent within your documents and allowing you the option to track the progress of wins and losses. International businesses have the option to maintain a standardised format, although they may be operating from different countries.

Overall it is worthwhile taking the time to research the best CRM software for your business needs, budget and functionalities that you will utilize, with a host of options available in today’s market, you’re sure to find one that makes mundane tasks a thing of the past.

In-Person Events

Expanding your client base or partner law offices can increase your firm’s efficiency and profitability. Whilst word of mouth is an effective tool for gaining recognition, it is somewhat outdated and can lack ongoing growth. Building relationships is the cornerstone to creating a business network that can give you access to your target clients as well as potential additions to your law firm. By attending industry meetings and events, you give your firm the best chance to make a memorable impression.

By establishing your firm’s position amongst peers, you will be able to understand any challenges that those within your industry may be facing and enlighten your firm to legal matters that may not yet have been brought to your attention and provide innovative solutions. After all, your network is your net worth – Porter Gale.

Online Footprint

There was once a time when a website was the only means necessary to showcase your business online or provide an online ‘storefront’. The birth of social media has seen businesses adopt a more humanised approach when it comes to their social media marketing strategy, offering those who are interested in their services or industry, the opportunity to not only follow but also engage with activity via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Not only does a social media presence offer the public real-time updates, but it also creates the chance to actively seek out clients actively searching for services you offer as well as giving you the best possible chance of finding the perfect candidates for applying for your roles within your firm.

Why should it matter how we appear online? It’s not just about being the best, it’s about showing you are the best. By sharing content online, you can display all your legal expertise and make comments on current affairs which will help to generate organic traffic. Most social media platforms offer the option to join groups or communities which share a common interest, by making your law firm part of one of these communities you can give your law firm an opportunity to become part of a collective where like-minded individuals can exchange opinions and ideas, therefore enriching the perspective of your solicitors.

Check out our infographic outlining Legal Marketing Trends 2019:-

2019 legal marketing trends


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