Visuals in Digital Marketing

The Importance of Visuals in Digital Marketing

We have seen exponential growth in the world of Digital Marketing. Trends and tactics that were utilised have most likely been adapted and transformed into something far superior. For example, Visual Marketing is now seen as a pervasive everyday phenomenon. A simple image can now be seen in the form of a g.i.f, a video, an infographic, a boomerang, a screenshot and more. Hence, keeping up to trend and evolving with its’ changes are imperative. For the most part, Content Marketing has always played a vital role in Digital Marketing. It’s used to captivate the audience via smart Linguistic choices. However, with Social Media being a relatively crowded space, audiences have started being picky with what they want to see – this also known as ‘skim reading’.  With that being said, one can ask “Is content enough to attract a ‘scroller’?” “How do you convert a ‘scroller’ to a ‘clicker’?” The answer is: Great Visuals.

The Use of Visuals in Digital Marketing

Truth is, our brains are wired to respond much quicker to images and colour in comparison to other forms of information. Our brains have the mental capacity to process a whole image in the short span of 13 milliseconds. In addition to that, we tend to connect with images instantly and emotionally. A relevant image can depict meaning that words cannot. Hence, accompanying your content with eye-catching visuals is imperative.

Types of Visuals in Digital Marketing


From funny ones to more serious service based ones, we enjoy videos as it’s a quicker, more efficient way of attaining information.  (Also, who doesn’t enjoy a visually pleasing video??) Video Marketing also allows for more social engagement. Live action videos/ads are also more likely to be shared throughout Social Media platforms. Videos often add a more personal touch igniting a more emotional response with the audience. More often than not, if an emotional response is present, the audience will most likely share this information, meaning a business gets free exposure to potential clients.


The statement ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ could not be more true in our Digital World. Fun images with bright vibrant colours often draw in audiences. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but also depict a clear target message in relation to the text provided. Studies have shown that after 72 hours, people only remember 10% of the information read. However, when accompanied with image, we remember 65% of the information, hence showing the importance of having image inclusive texts for the purpose of building brand awareness and remembrance.


Memes play a huge role in Social Media. It resonates with so many of us due to it being extremely relatable. Originally spread amongst university students, they have now taken over Social Media platforms and currently represent easy-to-create, quirky forms of visual content. In short, memes can make your business relatable and can help people remember your brand!


If your content contains statistics or complex data, infographics are your way to go. The combination of statistics and words in one image allows for the simplification of data making it far easier for the reader to understand. Furthermore, this visual element allows for the reader to digest the information more efficiently.

Regardless of drastic evolution of the Digital World, Content will always remain king. However, the secret to fully utilising it to its full potential comes with it joining forces with visuals.

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