How to showcase sustainability in your social copy

As marketers, we know all too well that the game is about staying on top of trends and tailoring operations to the latest requirements of customers. With competition neck and neck, there is no room to miss the mark as doing so could lead to the loss of business… for good.

In this article, we address the key ways in which your business can adopt more sustainable practices into your marketing strategy; improving efficiency, reducing costs, gaining customer buy-in and refining processes all while helping the environment – win, win.

The millennial generation has pushed social media marketing to an all-time high and with 72% of millennials preferring to hear from brands through social media (in particular Facebook). It is obvious this is a generation whose decisions are shaped by digital, so bear this love language of the content in mind when trying to capture the attention of a social media savvy customer.

Connecting with customers and building long-lasting effective relationships has been shaped by communication platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. How are you helping the environment? Is your produce farmed locally? Can your packaging be recycled? Which parts of your processes are sustainable? – These are the questions your potential customers, millennial customers, are now stopping to ask themselves before they click ‘follow’ or ‘enquire now’. They want to see you pushing for social causes and making sustainability a priority in your day-to-day operations.


Less is more

As the saying goes, there is much to be taken from simplifying and reducing processes within your businesses. Waste… Print… Energy. This notion can be applied to all three areas and even more, helping not only to bring costs down but also to assist in provoking conversation.


The rise in waste-free restaurants is a true reflection of the demand for change in the amount of waste produced by consumers and businesses. Food waste is inevitable, but there are many ways of making sure that the waste can be effectively disposed of.

Identify your waste – by knowing what belongs where not only can you efficiently dispose of waste, but also you will be able to avoid any penalties incurred for incorrect disposal.

Print The print industry has changed massively over the past 10 years, with businesses opting for digital marketing methods in place of print publications it may seem that print marketing has become redundant. This couldn’t be further from the truth; and with 59% of people finding print marketing more engaging than online articles, our best advice is to adopt sustainability into your print marketing processes. Here are some ways your business can do so:

  • E-Documents: Paper processes are tiresome and expensive, by automating your usual standard hard copies prints you will be able to save money on printing and improve accessibility
  • Printing on demand: By using recycled paper and printing only when needed your business will be only print what you need when you need it reducing the amount of paper waste as well as allowing you to scale down spending.

Raise awareness!

Brand visibility plays a huge part in the success of your business. It has is not just about how the outside world perceives the services you offer but how your brand represents itself and the social issues it stands for.

Campaigns are always an effective marketing strategy – why not incorporate raising awareness into your next campaign. Creating an opportunity for your business to give back to a worthy cause provides the perfect opening for your business to present itself to a new audience of potential like-minded customers.

Want to know more?

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