For any business to be successful, it must have a marketing strategy. For smaller companies, this could be simply word of mouth in their local community. For most, time and money should be invested to ensure consumer awareness and brand loyalty.

So, how can you increase your chance of business survival and consumer retention using branding and marketing? Here are our tips for success.

  1. Stick to the Basics

Although your marketing should undoubtedly be different and unique, there is nothing wrong with going “back to basics”. This concept mostly comes from market research and the steps you take before launching your product or branding.

The ‘4 P’s’ is a concept taught to GSCE Business students across the UK when they study what a business should focus on in the marketing process. Although this is a simplified idea and has far more depth than the four words, its principle remains.

Place. Price. Product. Promotion.

‘Place’ should be decided to optimise a business’s location. For a new business, this means considering where their storefront or warehouse should be concerning various factors. For an established business, this might mean a re-evaluation of location or even consideration of a pop-up shop or stall at an event. Location or ‘place’ optimisation should be used to ensure the right customers are aware of you in terms of geographical demographic.

When deciding “Price”, the quality, competition, and outcome should be considered. Again, this varies from business to business, but the principle remains – if a product or brand is overpriced and under-recognised, sales are unlikely.

The Product being marketed should be identical to that being sold. If this were not the case, this would cause problems with regulatory bodies and brand loyalty – challenging to achieve and even harder to regain.

Promotion should be relevant to the product. There have historically been disasters of instances where a brand has failed when promoting a new product. Colgate did well when extending into different oral care products; however, when they created a line of frozen food, it failed – this was primarily due to their brand identity. People associated them with dental care, so it did not make sense when they moved away.

  1. Identify your Niche or USP.

Focus on the uncommon things you offer, whether that be as a person or as a business. Often, these elements are what are most appealing to consumers.

When a business has personality, people take notice. This could be funny posters and social media posts – Recently, Range Rover released billboards with an image of their Velar with the caption “The Original Influencer”. The sign is simple but highly effective and, most importantly, memorable. Range Rover are aware that nobody can compete with them in terms of both their products and branding. The use of influencers is a multi-million-pound industry currently. Still, Range Rover uses clever branding to suggest that they don’t need influencers as their product effectively speaks for itself.

We are not suggesting you need to be as powerful as brands such as Range Rover to brand your company successfully – the idea is that you will recognise your strengths and exploit them to your advantage when branding your company and product.

  1. Share your Knowledge and Expertise.

Two minds are better than one. Ideas can come from anywhere, whether you are brainstorming with your business partner and colleagues or networking at an event with your competition. Actively searching for new ideas isn’t necessarily going to be effective all the time, but enhancing your reach and experience should mean that you can expand on somebody else’s opinion or have somebody expand on yours.

Most marketing strategies take time to develop from start to finish – but all it needs is one great idea to build a marketing empire. However, don’t be disheartened if design isn’t your forte; a fantastic idea could stem from a concept or lead from the product you are selling.

  1. Take Advantage of Technology.

In 2021, it is paramount that all businesses take advantage of the opportunities social media platforms create. Most of the platforms are free and can bring millions to your company if exploited correctly.

As with all businesses, the branding should stay relevant and sought after. This might sound not very easy to guarantee, but it is easier now than ever to access suggestions to improve your engagement and, therefore, sales and conversions.

  1. Old Techniques Work Too!

Having just promoted the excellent opportunities social media and the internet bring, we cannot ignore the excellence that “classic” marketing brings.

Word of mouth promotion will never go out of fashion, and even if you are unsure about the other suggestions that have been made, as long a client has had a positive experience, it is likely they will tell people they know.

Similarly, even though they are presented in a new way, posters are everywhere – on trains, billboards, newspapers, social media and more. If a piece is eye-catching, like the Range Rover poster previously mentioned, people will remember.

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