The legal world has drastically changed. Generating leads and attaining clients via traditional methods of Yellow Pages, or people wandering into your offices is far behind our time. Nowadays, besides word-to-mouth, people find YOU. People do research. People search online; Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more. Hence, ensuring that your brand is marketed accurately and is being ranked at the top on any Search Engine is extremely crucial. So how do you market Law Firms online these days?

Apart from generating new leads, having an online presence not only allows you to maintain a relationship with your current clients but also allows you to have a community with high solidarity. The clients are always kept in the picture in regards to company updates, and will always feel engaged. Here are some questions we’ll be exploring: How do you make your law firm stand out from your competitors? What makes your law firm more appealing? How do you increase its’ visibility online? How do you show that your services are unique?

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for Law Firms is quickly becoming an essential marketing tool. As gaining a prominent online organic presence takes time to build, many Law Firms are looking at Pay Per Click as a more immediate solution. Whether you are looking to advertise a new service offering or perhaps you have opened up a new branch – Pay Per Click advertising can benefit you. PPC gives Law Firms the opportunity to reach a target audience they were not previously hitting. The difference between Pay Per Click advertising and other traditional forms of advertising is that your advert appears at the time potential clients are actively searching for a service your firm offers. Whether it be Family Law, Conveyancing or Commercial Law – when online visitors search for specific keywords utilised in your firm’s online campaign, your advert will be found.

Search Engine and Website Optimization

Your Law Firm has a website and it looks good, but does it deliver? Are you generating leads? How’s your online presence? Websites are often your first impression on a consumer so it’s vital you create the right one.  Visitors will use websites as a review to place legitimacy to a law firm and discover if you will provide the right service for them. Having a professional website can help build trust and authority. Effective SEO ensures your website ranks high in relevant search engine results and accurately reflects your business to attract relevant traffic to your website. Effective Website Optimization improves your websites performance and ensures it meets the visitor’s needs. The better the performance; the more likely they are to convert. Developing a website that is optimised effectively ensures you get more value out of the traffic you are driving to your website.

Social Media Management

If your Law Firm is not on Social Media, Where are you?

A recent survey showed that on average potential clients for law firms spend 16 minutes per hour on various social media platforms with LinkedIn being one of the biggest drivers in social media traffic to law firm websites.

Social Media is the Yellow Pages of our time. Utilise it wisely and be found! Engaging in social media and using these platforms as part of your marketing strategy is crucial. More and more people are turning to Social Media as a source of evaluation when deciding on the relevance of a Law Firm. When used effectively, Social Media can open up an additional consumer base and revenue stream, a window of low-cost opportunities to engage with existing clients and create new connections, communicating your brand in an authentic and engaging manner that builds up trust and reputation.

Copy & Content Creation

Content doesn’t have to be boring. Developing an innovative content marketing strategy for Law Firms and incorporating the best practices in SEO and website optimisation, not only to engages with your audience but also to increase rankings in search engines, delivers relevant traffic to your website and improve lead and conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an effective way of delivering a successfully targeted message. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, designing and creating content for your email campaigns, ensures that you deliver an impactful message to the right people at the right time.

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