invite linkedin connections to follow your page

The day has finally come when you can invite your connections to follow your company’s LinkedIn page.

For some time, you have been able to mass invite your Facebook contacts to like and follow your Facebook Business page to assist with increasing brand awareness and exposure, building a sense of community and trust and of course, increasing followers.

There have been many LinkedIn updates and changes over the course of the past year, from page content suggestions to LinkedIn Communities. Historically, LinkedIn was a platform where individuals could showcase their expertise, share original content and find new job opportunities.

The creation of company pages makes it possible to share more information about your company, in many different forms of content, whether that be in terms of marketing or just engaging with your audience. However, without putting money behind paid ads, it can be difficult to grow your company’s LinkedIn page organically.

That is until the latest update.

You can now invite your personal connections to like and follow your company page. This is great for assisting in, as mentioned above, driving traffic, engagement, impressions and increasing followers while also seeming more established.

So how do you invite your connections to follow your company page?

  1. Become an admin
  2. Go to ‘Admin Tools’
  3. Drop down to ‘Invite Connections’
  4. Invite till your heart’s content!

A few things to bear in mind:

  • Don’t spam connections that you don’t think your brand or content is relevant for – the careful selection is the strategy to go with. (quality over quantity – company LinkedIn page is all about ENGAGEMENT)
  • You can only invite connections once. If you have more than 1000 connections, unless you can ‘Invite all’ (available to members with less than 500 connections) we suggest inviting 100 at a time. That way you will have a steady and consistent flow of increased followers and won’t burn out your connections in one go.
  • Remember, members can opt-out so invitations may not be available to all your connections.
  • Add value to your content, give your connections a tangible reason to engage with your company page.

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