How To Automate A Month Of Socials In 60 Minutes

In this digital age, savvy new technology makes it easy for us to automate everyday tasks. From calling out ‘Alexa’ to turn on the lights to Smart Coffee Makes brewing your morning coffee before you jump out of bed, we’re slowly handing over our everyday, tedious errands to a machine, clearing our schedules and buying back more time for the more important stuff.

Out of all the distractions in our lives, social media is hands down one of the top-ranking destroyers of our time. We get it, you know how important social media is, but you just don’t have the time to keep on top of it for your business.

At FireTap, we work with our clients to ensure there is an authentic engagement from your social media following, utilising platforms to grow your brand exposure successfully and organically. Social media posts are the quickest way to reach your social savvy audience daily, giving your brand a voice, contributing to discussions, promoting industry news and giving your audience an insight into your team culture.

We understand that some start-ups and SMEs don’t always have the budget to outsource marketing requirements, so we thought we’d share some tips on how to manage your social media scheduling with ease and to free up some of your valuable time.

How to schedule a months’ worth of social media content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn in just 60 minutes.

Download a social media scheduling tool that helps you consolidate all your social media platforms and provides you with a calendar to keep on top of your content.

What are the best scheduling platforms to use?

Knuckle down your strategy, making sure you and anyone else that uses the platforms agree on how much is to be posted and on what platform. Don’t overdo it, but don’t have it so low that it becomes insignificant. You don’t have to create a unique post for each platform, if you want, you can create content for Facebook and share it to Twitter and LinkedIn. Engagement is assessed on how useful and interesting your followers think your content is, not on how many times you post, posting too much can end up alienating your audience.

Understand your audience. It is imperative to distinguish peak times for posting, relevant keywords and hashtags that will ensure your posts are reaching people and you’re maximising engagement. If you include too many hashtags, your posts will look too spammy, so keep it short and make sure potential new followers can find your business.

Do your research before you get started; exploring Google Trends and industry media platforms to make sure your content is applicable. You have a month’s worth of events, meetings, topics, and news to write about. If there’s a big event coming up that loads of people in the industry will be attending, make sure you’re getting involved. If your posts are of value, people will share your content and your online business exposure will grow.

What are the real benefits of social media scheduling?

  • It helps to maintain consistent posting (without overloading or lulls)
  • It allows for time-sensitive topics or content to be scheduled, so there’s no need to remember on the day
  • Monthly planning gives you the flexibility to add content or make changes whenever you need to
  • Frees up your time to focus on more important tasks

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