Most businesses realise the importance of an online presence and that without Search Engine Optimisation it will be difficult to gain visibility in the search engines and subsequently ‘out rank’ their competitors. There are many factors associated with SEO, such as on-page optimisation, unique quality content, relevant high-quality link building and a strong social media presence. In this blog, we discuss the importance of social media and how it can impact your SEO efforts.

Social media – both privately and commercially – has become an ingrained part of most people’s lives and there are countless social media platforms, some more common than others, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok (see our previous article), LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. Whilst these serve a different purpose, the main aim is the same, which is communication with a specific audience; be that privately or connections amongst friends, B2C or B2B. Whilst a business’s social profile can’t directly influence its SEO rankings, it can impact the factors that do.

Here are three main benefits of Social media in SEO:

  1. Get More Visibility: Regularly sharing content from your website or blog articles can grow your social media following and the visibility of your posts. This can be especially powerful once your posts are shared by your followers since this assists with your post visibility and audience growth. Try to engage with your audience and followers by acting as a knowledge base, sharing information directly useful to your target audience and being aware of industry or community news. Search engines pay attention to ‘domain authority’ (a site’s trust and authority score), MOZ (who regulate Domain Authority and Page Authority) gives priority to those sites that have a good social media presence. Increasing your social media presence will assist with increasing your Domain authority and Page authority.
  2. Faster Page Index: Google and other major search engines regularly prioritise social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more. Sharing your content on these platforms, relevant to your target audience, will have a greater chance of getting that specific post indexed faster than by leaving it to be indexed naturally by search engine bots on your site.
  1. Increase Traffic: Social Media can be one of the biggest traffic sources and improving those social media signals and traffic conversions can increase your rankings. With the increase in traffic and visibility from your off-page efforts, SEO will improve, as will organic SEPR (Search Engine Page Results).

Conclusion on the Importance of social media in SEO:

The search engines pay attention to several factors to return the most relevant results to queries performed (keyword searches).  Ensuring you have a connective campaign that combines efforts across several SEO practices, Social Media and Marketing methods will deliver the most successful results and ensure you have the best chance in increasing your rankings and visibility in the search engines for those searches. However, these take time to nurture and need constant attention.

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