It is a fact that marketing can sometimes be confusing. The things you can see, you can understand. Buy a brochure and you know it needs designing, content and printing. At the end of the process, you receive a brochure. It’s easy! But what about the more complex elements of a marketing campaign and in particular a campaign that involves online resources?

Behind The Scenes

Much of the most powerful work that FireTap Marketing do for our clients is more difficult to see and more difficult to understand. This can result in two outcomes: –

  1. If a client cannot see it, they question the value and disengage
  2. If a client does not understand, they will either ignore it on the basis that it must be working or again due to not understanding, they will disengage.

Whilst it is 100% correct that a successful marketing campaign must deliver new business, which is ultimately the reason your business will use marketing and advertising, bringing a level of understanding will help you make informed decisions on your marketing and advertising spend and challenge your marketing agency. Together your business and your marketing agency will be stronger.

At FireTap Marketing, we ensure that our clients are aware of what we do and how we do it. We educate our clients so they have a much deeper knowledge of the work that goes into a successful marketing campaign.

Enabling our clients to engage with us is an important part of what we do. In this context. ‘a little knowledge is enough’! Each month we provide our clients with a detailed report demonstrating the key elements of their campaign and we discuss this with them.

We know and appreciate that our clients are busy running their businesses so we are not trying a level of unwelcome distraction, but a healthy supply of knowledge to enrich and inform. Through doing this our clients understand not just what they can see but also what they cannot.

Much of the work undertaken on websites and building an online campaign is not obvious and the world of Search Engine Optimisation is technical and can be complex. It is our job to keep up and stay ahead of the market with our knowledge. Google and other search engines constantly change the way in which they work and overtime customers change their buying habits. New technology is always coming into the market. It is our job to understand our client’s business, our market and enhance our ability constantly to deliver successful marketing and advertising campaigns for our clients.

After all, we have to know about our client’s businesses so we can deliver successful marketing and advertising campaigns so it is only right they understand a little of what we do.

To find out how FireTap Marketing can help your business build and maintain a successful marketing campaign you can call us on 020 3911 9715, email us hello@firetap.co.uk. A quote from FireTap is free and education is free. We only charge for the work we do in helping build your business.