Customers who exhibit brand loyalty are devoted to a product, demonstrated by their repeat purchases despite competitors’ efforts to lure them away. For example, people easily choose between Pepsi and Coca Cola, Samsung, or Apple, and essentially, consumers won’t stray from their favourite. This may be due to flavour or ease of use, but most of the time, it is likely due to marketing strategies like the Coca Cola Christmas lorry or Apple’s constant innovation.

How to build brand loyalty.

We are not saying that it is easy to build a Nike-sized brand loyalty following overnight, but here are some tips to help you get the best start.

1. Invest in Branding

As you can see, the Coca-Cola logo from 1886 is not all that different from that of 2007. Coca-Cola has known that its branding should remain recognisable, and over time, it has become iconic. By introducing the Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan campaign in 1995, Coco-Cola created a memorable association with Christmas, with many people associating the start of the Christmas season with the first appearance of the Coca-Cola Christmas lorry. However, many believe that when Coca-Cola was created in the late 1880s, Santa Claus was created as we know him today, with the same iconic red colour, meaning Coca-Cola has unimaginable brand power and loyalty, something that arguably, is impossible to teach.

Still, a strong brand takes substantial investment. Be patient. If necessary, hire someone to do it for you. At FireTap, our design team take the time to listen to your ideas and subsequently bring them to life.

2. Focus on what you do best as a brand.

Some of the worst marketing fails in history have been from brands attempting to ‘break new markets’ with products unrelated to the items that consumers are used to. Therefore, as a brand, you should aim to keep your products, marketing, and image consistent to prevent the possibility of any embarrassing business ventures. That is not to say that companies cannot succeed when entering a new market, but it can be highly risky. At FireTap, we have expert consultants that assist you in creating a well-rounded digital marketing campaign to ensure that, even if you do take the risk and enter a new market, your brand image remains concise.

3. Engage your customers.

Here are some key ways that you could engage your customers and improve brand loyalty and customer retention:

– Make use of feedback.

Google My Business, Bing Business Cards, social media and directory sites are all brilliant (and free!) ways for customers to leave reviews. Not only do the good reviews help massively with your company’s online presence and SEO, but the negative ones can help you learn more about your customers and ways to improve – who wouldn’t love that? Oh, and did I mention it is FREE!!

– Network

Even though companies in the same market as you are known as ‘competitors’, they are not always your competition. They can often teach you something about how you market your brand. Maybe it’s the way they post on social media or the loyalty scheme they have running; whatever it is, there is something to learn. I am not saying copy their ideas directly (we all know what happened with Caterpillars- Colin and Cuthbert!). Still, there is always something to learn from somebody else’s successful marketing. So, take every opportunity to speak to your ‘rivals’ about their ideas, approaches, successes and failures – you never know what you might learn.

– Ask questions

The point of ‘asking questions’ actually combines my two previous points; make use of feedback and network. By asking questions, you are expanding your knowledge. This is true with anything and is no different in marketing. You could succeed at a marketing campaign another brand failed at, all because you asked the right questions to relevant people.

How to build a brand quickly

It is not possible to build a solid and memorable brand overnight. However, at FireTap, we understand that lawyers and industry professionals do not have the time to spend on creating something timeless. We listen to your ideas and build your branding strategy to exceed your expectations. We then stay with you, building your website, social media and overall online presence.

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