First off, you may have heard the term “PPC” being thrown around, however, do you know what it means? In this blog post, we cover everything you need to know about PPC! What is it, what are the benefits and how your business can utilise it?

What is PPC?

Have you ever searched for something on Google, Bing or any other search engine and encountered adverts at the top of the page? If you haven’t we have a screenshot below for your reference, if you have, then you have come across what we Digital Marketing experts call PPC advertising, also known as Pay Per Click Advertising.

PPC (Pay per Click) is essentially a paid way to get above your competitors while improving your organic ranking. There is no “quick” way to improve your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. Organic ranking is a slow burner – it takes a lot of constant hard work and dedication. While working on your organic ranking, PPC is a great alternative to ensure your business is listed above your competitors when a service/product you provide is searched for.

PPC is a great way of advertising, and if done correctly, it can bring in a lot of business for your company. Although you may associate this with a cost, it should be linked with the vast number of opportunities it brings for your business.

The PPC Opportunities

There are a vast amount of opportunities PPC presents your business, to highlight just a few:
• Targeting
• Brand Awareness
• Profit
• Cost-effective
• Tracking Metrix
• Immediate Effect

How can a PPC campaign help increase your brand awareness and revenue?

Here are a few ways running a PPC campaign can help increase your brand awareness, increase your revenue and as a result grow your business.

1. Brand Awareness
When creating a PPC campaign, certain industry-related keywords are selected to ensure people searching for those keywords will constantly see your ads. There are different types of keywords (short tail – more general keywords and long-tail – specific keywords) and although using general keywords won’t necessarily increase your sales, they will assist your business with brand awareness and brand recognition – establishing your business as an authority and industry leader

2. Targeting
The targeting options through platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Advertising are extensive. You, as a business, are able to narrow down your targeting options from locations and demographics through to days of the week and devices used. This provides you with the ability to penetrate your Target Market and prevent you from paying for irrelevant traffic to your website.

3. Lightning Speed Results
When putting any money into a paid advertising campaign, you as a business expert results and you expect them now. What is the purpose of spending money on anything if it does not generate results? PPC advertising is the fastest way to generate relevant traffic to your website and get the desired results you are looking for. To simplify it, you get your advert in front of your relevant Target Market, your potential customer clicks on the advert and gets directed to your website, you provide the service or product they are looking for and ultimately they convert. There are different types of conversions:
a. Phone call to the business
b. An online enquiry
c. An online purchase
d. Downloading a white paper
e. Signing up to your monthly newsletter

It is essentially what you would like your customer to do on your website.

4. Measuring Results and Reporting
Unlike traditional advertising methods, PPC provides you with the opportunity to measure your results instantly. You are therefore able to identify what is working, what is not and what needs to be tweaked to generate more desired results. You can measure anything that is related to your Pay per Click campaign from costs, keywords, impressions, clicks, many more. You know how much you are spending at all times, giving you the power to control your budget accordingly and therefore avoiding any unwelcome surprises. Measuring and reporting on your KPIs has never been easier. Google Ads allows you to generate a report that is easy to understand and break down. Providing your entire team with industry insight that can be utilised across your business.

5. Local Targeting
PPC is extremely effective when it comes to local searches. Potential customers using their mobiles to allocate a product or service are able to find your advert and get instructions on how to reach your business. The likelihood of someone finding your competitors over you is high if they cannot find you online. Stay ahead of your competitors and ensure you get found.

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6. Budget Friendly
When it comes to Google Ads there are no budget restrictions. You can allocate a certain budget and determine the maximum you are willing to spend per click and stick to it. If a campaign is profitable, you can safely spend more money until you reach your maximum ROI.


As illustrated above, there are numerous benefits for a business utilising PPC. However, that being said Pay per Click advertising campaign management is something that requires time, skill and knowledge. When every click costs, it pays to be smart. To speak to our experts about how PPC can benefit your business and how we can assist in creating and maintaining a campaign camping for you, give us a call on 0203 911 9715 or alternatively make an online enquiry here.