FireTap is a Marketing Agency that has a department dedicated to working with law firms and solicitors, assisting in the development and creation of a successful marketing strategy and campaign.

Amidst the current Covid-19 crises our existing clients have been contacting us to discuss their approach to marketing and advertising, and what they should do!

We have extensive experience in working with law firms to create and maintain successful marketing strategies and we are offering our expertise to law firms in a free marketing consultation.

We are now working with our clients to update and adapt their campaigns to the current crises. Ensuring that their existing and prospective clients are fully aware of how they will be providing legal advice and services during this time whilst meeting the legal needs of their clients.

This is not the time to disengage from marketing and advertising. Doing this brings with it the risk of damaging your firm. Those firms who continue with their marketing efforts will benefit from the disengagement of others. It is crucial that law firms review what they are doing now and adapt.

Every business needs to adapt what they do and that includes law firms.

Legal services will still be needed and as individuals and business owners adjust to the new norm they will re-engage with industry and that will also mean re-engaging for legal advice and support.

As an industry, law firms must adapt and are adapting. Stage 1 of the current crisis has been to ensure that firms are able to operate, and most firms have concluded (or are well into) this stage. The next phase is to ensure continuity of business and sustaining the firm, thereby protecting the firm itself, clients and staff.

It is true to say that some legal services will be reduced in current times but the industry will find a way of continuing and whilst a law firm may not be able to directly affect how a market will adjust (property sector) but those markets and sectors will adjust and as an industry law firms need to be ready to re-engage and provide their services.

Other legal services will continue or will increase and firms we work with are adjusting and adapting their marketing and advertising strategies by directing their spending to areas where they can and will receive new business.

A successful firm will have a marketing campaign that is adaptable and responds to market conditions. At FireTap we pride ourselves on understanding law firms, their clients and their market. We pride ourselves on the provision of expert, responsive marketing strategies.

If your firm would benefit from a discussion with marketing experts that understand your industry, we are offering free consultation by phone or video conferencing.

To book a consultation and discuss what your firm should be considering you can contact us on 020 3911 9715, or email us and we will arrange a meeting.