Business Development for Law Firms

One of the most successful yet time-intensive practices will be putting a business development strategy in place to scale your business. Successful business development will take meticulous planning and a clear, focused plan of action. Doing it right will bring your firm great rewards, yet doing it wrong can be demotivating and time consuming for the whole team.

There are many strategies to business development which include both online and offline practices.

Where to start?

Understanding your competition 

You may not know every other firm by name, but understanding what competitors around you are offering is imperative so you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Success in any industry is based on supply and demand, so review your audience, take into account your location and make sure your firm is offering services unique to the market. Being able to stand out from the crowd means being able to offer something niche; so do your research, establish your branding and position yourself where you can thrive.

Building trust 

Building trust with your clients is essential for business growth and closing sales. Be transparent, knowledgeable and allow them to see how you will add value to their business from the get-go. Practice your approach and understand the needs of your client, increasing the chance of converting sales and developing an ongoing relationship.

“Trust is built with consistency.” —Lincoln Chafee

Monitor your online presence

Your website will be one of the first things a lead will see when they search for your company or services. 89% of customers will start their buying process with a search engine (Vividfish 2017) and online reviews and brand reputations are more important now than ever before. A dated, unclear website will most certainly result in missed opportunities and keeping on top of your reputation is so easy to do. It was reported in 2017 that 91% of people read online business reviews and 84% trust an online review as much as they would a friend. It’s important! Revamp your website and start engaging with your customers online.

Be prompt 

Timing is everything. In 2018, Supplier Insight published that a customer was four times more likely to choose the supplier that responded first to an enquiry. Make sure you get back to your leads as soon as possible with all the information they require to make their decision. If you need some time to reply, let them know! Efficient communication allows customers to understand how communications would work if they were to work with you in the future.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the business

Once you’ve put in the work, don’t let the lead go cold. Ensure that you get a proposal to the client even if you aren’t guaranteed the business. Every step further to closing the sale widens the chance of those leads converting. Don’t be afraid to unabashedly ask for the business. Moreover, giving your lead the opportunity to decline allows you to focus your attention on the next potential customer.

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