Due to the current coronavirus pandemic we have seen a massive change in the global economy and stock markets. With stock markets crashing and the global economy practically coming to a standstill, businesses and marketers alike are bound to be affected.

Organic Traffic during Coronavirus

Over the last month or two organic traffic has seen a decrease across most sectors, baring those such as News Agencies, Grocery Stores industry and the Financial sector. This is to be expected during these uncertain times. Visitor and potential clients are going into crisis mode. This being said, upon reviewing the data this week, we are starting to see a slight increase in traffic, when comparing to previous weeks as consumers are getting into the swing of what would be considered the new “norm”.

Pay per Click during COVID-19

Like organic, pay per click (ppc) has too seen a decrease in traffic, however, the drop is no where near as drastic as the organic traffic. The clicks are still being acquired although the cost per acquisition has seen a major increase. As most businesses or firms are still actively trying to be found when potential customers are searching for their service/s, the competition has not disappeared and has in fact increased, causing the cost per click on certain keywords to increase. This means that marketers and PPC specialists need to ensure they keep a close eye on their campaigns, reviewing their selection of keywords and utilising keyword match types that are more likely to convert – preventing the influx of both budget and irrelevant clicks.

Conversions during the pandemic

As to be expected, conversions are down in most sectors. Obviously, as mentioned above there are certain sectors that have seen an increase in conversions, however, majority of then have seen a decrease. According to WordStream, PPC conversion rates have seen a drop by an average of 21% decrease since the global pandemic hit.

What we can conclude

It is important to remember that this too shall pass. We have already seen a turnaround in the number of re-engagements our clients are seeing with their prospective client base. There is a significant improvement week on week.

Hopefully life will return to normal in the near future. In the meantime, stay indoors, keep safe and ensure you wash you hands throughout the day.

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