The SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) recently published an article stating that from December 2018 law firms will be obligated to publish their information on the prices they charge for “certain public-facing services” as well as showcasing a new badge illustrating the protections their regulated status gives customers.

Purchasing a legal service is not something one does on a whim and it is not taken lightly. A lot of research on price and quality of service is conducted before a decision is made. This new reform has been put into place as new research suggests 85% of people want more information before choosing a legal service provider.

The SRA announced that their ‘Better Information, more choice’ reforms were put into place to provide consumers with accurate information more readily. It was “designed to improve public access to legal services by making information on price, protections and services more easily available.” – SRA

Come December 2018, all regulated Law Firms will be obligated to publish information on the prices they charge and exactly what services they will get for that price.

The public-facing services include:-
• Conveyancing
• Probate
• Employment tribunals (claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal)
• Motoring Offences
• Immigration (excluding Asylum)

For small businesses the services include:-
• Debt Recovery (up to £100K)
• Licensing Applications for Business Premises
• Employment Tribunals (defending claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal)

The SRA will also be introducing a new “searchable register” which will allow members of the public to gain information on all solicitors and regulated law firms in England and Wales. It will include details such as the areas of law they practice and any regulatory matters.

The development of the digital badge scheme will require regulated law firms to display the badge on their website as well as promote the benefits customers get through public protections being regulated.

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See the full SRA article here.