‘Coming up with ideas are hard!’, ‘I’ve got writers block!’, ‘How to come up with content ideas?’, ‘I’m stuck!’. Trust us when we say, we’ve all been there. There’s something about content marketing that intimidates everyone. Having to develop, create and edit innovative content that is fresh, fun, intriguing and memorable, but at the same time relevant to the tone of the brand or business can be quite challenging. The one thing we can take refuge in however is that there are so many types of content out there, we can always switch it up. If you’re feeling stuck, don’t be! Here are some content ideas to help you re-ignite some creativity when developing your next content strategy! (Infographic included)


Content Ideas

We all gravitate towards free things, regardless of the object or service. Our brains are hardwired to love the feeling of getting something for nothing. Not only does a free service post entice a reader, it also immensely boosts your Social Media Engagement improving your online presence. A free service is definitely something almost anyone would be interested in!

How To’s/Tutorials

Generally speaking, ‘How to’ posts tend to perform especially well. It not only allows you to teach the audience something, but providing ‘How To’s/Tutorial’ pieces shows expertise and builds trust and authority within your sector. Also, they’re fun!

Company Culture

Let’s face it, most people are nosy. We’re always curious. We always want to be kept in-the-know and that’s why sharing your company’s culture does wonders for social media marketing. We want to know whose birthday it is, if someone new was hired and more. Share your company character – Events, birthdays, accomplishments and hiring announcements. Share it all! They see great engagement as they humanise the brand.


With our society now being so open to different viewpoints, we are more open to contributing our ideas and beliefs. We enjoy starting a conversation and being part of a community which shares similar beliefs. Also, we’re curious to see if our views line up with the greater population. Incorporating polls within your content can provide feedback and insight and show that you care about understanding your customer and their buying behaviours.


Trust is a major between a reader and a business. Infographics, Numbers, Charts, statistics e.t.c. provide a resource for customers to utilise and refer back to create more factual content that people trust.


If your content contains statistics or complex data, infographics are your way to go. Infographics are eye-catching, easy to read and understand and delivers information that is memorable and engaging. Also, this visual element allows for the reader to digest the information more efficiently.

Weekly Round-Up

When reading a piece, we often look for quick and straight to the point content that gives us the information we want. A weekly round-up serves that purpose effectively. Research the most popular and impactful trends/news within your industry, and create a list for your audience to save themselves from having to conduct the research themselves. It shows that you are up-to-date with trends and are a reliable source of news and updates.


From funny ones to more serious service based ones, we enjoy videos as it’s a quicker, more efficient way of attaining information.  (Also, who doesn’t enjoy a good video??) Video Marketing provides a huge boost to engagement as people are more likely to share it as well. Also, people are more likely to retain information and enjoy a visually pleasurable experience over a bunch of texts.


An obvious but crucial one and by far the most seen form of digital content. Whether it be an opinion based piece, evergreen blog content, service pieces or a short piece regarding the business, blogging is what builds trust, creates a conversation and allows you to share your knowledge to the general public!

Utilise Hashtags

Get your content out there. Utilising daily hashtags can give your post the visibility allowing it to stay present and relevant.

While it might be intimidating, content can be fun and creative! Try include these forms in your content marketing plan! And always remember, Content is King!

10 Content Ideas

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