Business development in a digital world

With customer expectations of receiving quality experiences through targeted messaging with every innovative product and service and new fast data technologies, and the demand for ‘I want it now’, how does your business keep up with the increasing demands in the digital world?

We sat down with our very own business development guru, Elliss Stevens, to get her take on keeping your business relevant and achieving the successful development of your business in a digital world.

Here are our quick-fire questions…

  1. How important is it for businesses to keep up with digital transformation?

It’s essential. Making your business digital doesn’t require complex tools or tons of research, it’s just about adapting to more efficient technologies and ensuring your business isn’t falling behind. There’s no reason to be uninformed about the importance of digital marketing is in this day and age when there’s so much support out there. If you don’t know where to start, don’t be afraid to reach out to us for help!

  1. What is digital business development?

Influencing people through the digital world! My bread and butter. Digital BD is a key strategy for businesses to target and communicate with potential leads online.

  1. Does the modern business development manager need digital marketing skills?

I honestly believe more people than not, now need basic skills in digital marketing. Unless you’re a baker. 100% of what I do is assess how to get myself and our brand in front of the right people and support our clients in achieving exactly the same goal.

  1. How can you build rapport and trust through online relationships?

Being consistent, transparent and of course as approachable and friendly as possible. People in sales believe they have to be a certain level of pushy to close deals and it’s just not the case anymore. Be honest and understand your audience. Sales is in the person selling! If they buy you they buy the service.

  1. What is social selling?

Using the art of social media to connect with sales prospects. Social media strategies are changing the way businesses promote their services and products. In 2019 around 67% of a buyer’s journey is digital. Social selling involves pushing professional networks, gathering online intelligence and leveraging social introductions.

  1. How do you keep online leads warm?

Sometimes it’s not that leads aren’t interested it’s just that you might have caught them at a bad time. People don’t mind being checked in on but there’s a fine line between keeping leads warm and driving people mad. Gentle nudges include; like their business social, connecting on LinkedIn, sharing their content where appropriate, pushing relevant content, sending thoughtful (non-salesy) messages and keeping an eye on their business progress. Did they just launch a new product? Reach out and congratulate them!

  1. Do you have any top tips for successful business development in the digital age?

Sales can be time-consuming and sometimes you’ll get absolutely nothing back. Do your research and make sure you’re learning how to streamline your business development processes. Remember that visuals are everything when you’re selling yourself online, so be creative, timely and always be consistent in branding. Something more realistic? Get yourself a Fitbit to remind you every once in a while to step away from the computer for a few minutes and stretch those legs.

Does your business development strategy need to hit the refresh button? We can help. From Innovative marketing strategies and techniques through to consultation, both our digital marketing experts and business development consultant partners, have the knowledge and insight to get your business on the right track.

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