After a year of ups and downs, 2020 has pushed a focus onto social media and how having a good platform can affect your business.

Instagram has grown immensely over the years, and it continues to broaden its horizons. The photo-sharing app has gone a long way from once being a favourite for vacationers sharing their holiday pictures, to now appealing to all kinds of influencers, advertisers and brands.

If you are struggling with those last-minute festive tips to boost your profile or engagement to your brand, here are 8 Instagram tips to give your social media marketing a boost.

  1. Festive themed – Instagram profile

Ensuring that your company/brand sticks with a theme are important. Whether this is the colour scheme or the type of writing and pictures used, consistency is key. Updating your profile for the festive period does not have to be drastic changes.

  • Update your company profile with Christmas themed sentiments but try keeping it short and in line with your business.
  • Bios – these are important for users to understand what your page is about. This should include key points about your business, remember to keep it short and sweet.
  • Update the link to your website in your bio. For example, if you have a page on your website which is specific to what your business is doing over Christmas.
  1. Christmas themed “this or that”

With over 500 million users using Instagram stories every day. Not just that but 1/3 of the most viewed IG stories are from businesses. Stories are a great way to get the best engagement levels. Use a “this or that” type post/story and ask your followers which they prefer, keep it fun, light and festive.

For example:

  • Real tree vs Fake tree
  • Christmas pudding vs mince pie
  • Mariah Carey vs Micheal Buble
  • Home for Christmas vs Travel abroad
  • Snowy Christmas vs No snow
  • The Holiday vs Home Alone
  • Quality Street vs Celebrations
  • Presents bought vs – This is a good one as if your business provides goods, you can interact with the people who have voted for and send them a message regarding current deals etc.

Remember to use relevant images or keep the theme the same throughout all.

  1. Personalisation

Instagram is one of the best platforms for personalisation. You can express your personal/business page however you wish, by using images, filters, stories and more. Use the Instagram platform to show your products in a way that connects with your Instagram followers, show them what they want to see but they just do not know it yet.

  1. Ask questions

Asking questions gets people engaged. You can do this by throwing in festive-themed questions onto your Instagram post, including seasonal images that are culturally relevant to your Instagram market and relate to your products or brand.

  • Keep your questions short and specific. – remember that you are interacting with people who may not know about your business.
  • Try to keep it personal. This will help build conversation and engagement with your followers.
  1. Product post/Service posts

Tell the world! Show your brand/products/business on Instagram.

Ensure that when you do make a post that there are links to your site so that followers can identify who you are. Include a call to action that incorporates Instagram lingo, such as double-tap instead of like. Embrace the use of hashtags, use both trending and brand-specific ones.

  1. Use videos

Still relatively new to the Instagram platform, Instagram videos are being used by brands everywhere. Instagram videos can be made into IGTVs for longer, more informative videos. But to gauge your follower’s attention you may want to keep your videos short. If you are a service run business, show an overview of a client who is happy with the result.

  1. Office antics / behind the scenes

Depending on your business, Instagram followers love to feel special and involved in a brand or business. Post exclusive photos and videos of a behind the scenes look on a special festive announcement. These could involve:

  • Festive office decorations/celebrations
  • A big sale or announcement you are preparing for
  • What will be coming in the new year
  1. Charities

During the Christmas period, it is a time for charity and giving. Showing that you’re a business that cares by supporting a charity. Post about what your business has done for that cause. This can be anything from a local charity, to supporting a food bank or even supporting a global cause.

  • Show your brand cares
  • Set up hashtags to build your campaign
  • Use the charity’s story and inspirational images and quotes

Let’s socialise

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