We previously touched on the rise of Micro Influencer Marketing going into 2019. The term ‘Influencer’ years ago usually referred to celebrity endorsement, however in recent years, since the rise of social media, this isn’t necessarily the case. Anyone can be an Influencer, anywhere, as long as you have the following, engagement and trust of your audience.


Influencer Marketing is essentially sourcing out the most respected and engaging bloggers, artists or general users of your product or service on Social Media platforms, and building a relationship/partnership that benefits both parties to increase exposure, value, brand trust and engagement levels for your brand. The ROI of Influencer Marketing Campaigns can be great, as long as you work together with the same values and goals in mind from the beginning!

Check out our Top 8 Do’s and Don’ts to ensure the success of your Influencer Marketing Campaign!




  • Find the right influencer for your brand

Influencer Marketing isn’t about finding Influencers with the highest number of followers, it’s about finding the right match for your brand. It’s a good idea to partner with Influencers that may either already be aware of your product or service and/or has the same values. Influencers that are already well respected within your industry are the right way to go.

  • Have clear goals from the beginning

Before you even approach an Influencer you should ensure you have a clear strategy of what you are setting out to achieve. What is the benefit to the Influencer? Have you produced a clear brief? Are your brand’s goals in line with the Influencer? Make sure you know what you are offering to compensate! If your brand and chosen Influencer are on the same page, the chances of your Campaign being successful can only increase!

  • Reuse and Reshare Content

If and when your partnership/campaign comes to an end, this isn’t the end of the content produced. This content can be reused and repurposed! Especially if you had a successful campaign – you know it works! You can also use results from previous campaigns to tailor and target your campaigns more effectively.

  • Get involved in the conversation!

Just because your Influencer is the main focus of your Campaign doesn’t mean you can’t get involved! Join the conversation and share, comment, like your Influencer’s posts to raise engagement levels even more and increase loyalty and trust!

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  • Don’t forget Micro-Influencers

Influencers with huge followings, for example, Celebrities, sometimes mean that they can’t engage on the same level as Influencers with a lower following but higher engagement and loyalty. Micro-Influencers are often already familiar or users of the brand that is approaching them, and can therefore create a more genuine, authentic story and Campaign for your brand.

  • Don’t micromanage Influencers and block creativity

Influencers have gained a large following due to the already engaging content that they share. Don’t block the creativity process and try to dictate word for word how an Influencer should promote content. If you chose the right influencer who is in line with your brand values, then trust the process

  • Quality over Quantity

96% of marketers put ‘quality of followers’ at the top of influencer checklists. (Marketingdive). Just because someone has over 10 million followers, doesn’t mean their audience is right for your brand. For example, the influencer could be based in a different country to where you deliver your products and services, and less well known in your target location. They could also have a huge following but low engagement rates which may not provide the ROI you expected.

  • Don’t limit yourself to Instagram

Influencers don’t just exist on Instagram. There are a large variety of Social Networks that could potentially work better for your brand or industry. For example, for Technology services, LinkedIn or Twitter Influencers may be the best route for you.

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