If you have ever searched for a particular product or service and scrolled straight past the ads listed at the top, it would be clear that the content needs some work.

Well-crafted content can be the difference between a new prospective client or not, and this is where compelling well-optimised copy comes into play.

Here are our top 5 tips on creating copy that will leave your audience wanting more!

Know your target audience

Any self-respected marketer will know this is the foundation of any marketing campaign. It is absolutely crucial to know exactly who’s attention you are looking to capture. Do not be scared to get specific. The more in-depth your understanding the better chance you have at tapping into the marketing and holding your target market’s attention.

Choose an action

What would you like your potential customers to do? Would you like them to navigate to your website to make a purchase? Would you like them to sign up for your newsletter? Alternatively, would you like them to visit you in-store or at a physical location? It is important to know what action you want your visitors to carry out, because if you don’t know how are they supposed to know.

Exploit your well-deserved customer reviews

Incorporating customer feedback into any content is a great way to grab attention. Reviews are essentially equivalent to that of “word of mouth”. Incorporating your well-deserved reviews into your content is a sure way to add that extra “flair” to your content.

Keep it simple

There is absolutely no need to overcomplicate your content. Keep it simple, straight to the point and catchy. We are constantly getting hit with tons of information on a daily basis and long-winded sentences are a sure way to deter anyone from reading anything through to the end – especially in this day and age.

Do not be scared to use a little wit and be funny

People are far more inclined to read something if it consists of a joke, rather than a slogan. Making your audience laugh is a sure way to ensure your band or business is remembered.

Let’s Socialise

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