LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network for a reason. They have successfully built a social networking empire on a vision to create economic growth for every member of the global workforce. With a network count of 706+ million users in more than 200 countries worldwide, it’s no wonder more firms are looking to join the network.

LinkedIn is extremely powerful in creating and maintaining business relationships and a platform that can be utilised by law firms to maximise visibility and brand awareness. If the 706+ million users were not motivated enough, here are five reasons why your law firm should leverage LinkedIn for firm-wide benefit.

  • Develop relationships

As LinkedIn is considered the most professional platform of social media channels, it is the most suited option for connecting with like-minded solicitors and potential clients. On LinkedIn, firms can keep an eye out for groups of attorneys from similar sectors and legal groups. By connecting with and developing these key relationships, you are actively building a solid and steady reputation as well as opening your business up to new and otherwise missed opportunities every day.

  • Reputation Management

In today’s digitalised society, the online reputation of your firm is key in the client’s decision-making process. Potential clients are more likely than ever to research your firm online before hiring you. Having an impactful online strategy will not only help you maintain visibility but will also help you build trust with your existing and potential clients who come across your page.

  • SEO Optimisation 

Engaging frequently in LinkedIn can have a positive overall effect on your firm’s SEO. By having a firm LinkedIn page, you are giving google another page to index. LinkedIn also encourages businesses to drive and share content which can result in valuable backlinks for your site. Whenever you share content on LinkedIn, and someone makes a comment, likes it, or shares it, powerful social signals are generated that have the possibility of being sent back to your site.

  • Client Acquisition

In 2019, LinkedIn was voted the most trusted social network by Business Insider. It would therefore make sense that when clients who actively seeking professional legal advice, their social media platform of choice would naturally be LinkedIn.


How FireTap Marketing can help

FireTap Marketing has a department dedicated to working with law firms. We have developed our expertise in the legal industry, through building a team of marketing experts who have worked within or for the legal sector. We understand how law firms operate, the terms you use, your target market, and the delivery of legal services. As a result, we get up to speed fast and work for and alongside you to develop successful marketing and advertising strategies to benefit your firm. If you have any questions regarding Social Media marketing for your law firm or business then be sure to speak to our digital marketing experts on 020 3911 9715,, or make an online enquiry here.