5 Top Tips on keeping your social media fresh and relevant

Okay everyone, let’s face facts – In the words of Bob Dylan “the times they are changin.” In today’s globalised and “switched on” environment, the importance of social media has never been more relevant. With more than three billion people around the world using social media platforms every month, the trend is here to stay.

As the nation progressively advances to a forward-thinking, digital society, businesses also have to adapt to ensure they are able to reach their desired target audience. With the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook advertising…effectively being able to distinguish yourself from the sea of market hungry businesses has never been harder.

Luckily for you, we can help. At FireTap we help business build their social platforms, connect with their customers and increase audience awareness of their brands. This effectively results in a boost in sales and profitability. How do we do it, you wonder? Well, sharing is caring and in today’s blog we highlight our top 5 tips and tricks to keep your social media fresh and relevant, with over 20 years of marketing and social media experience, trust us, you won’t be disappointed.


Tip 1 – Is your post valuable?

Consider your target market and ask yourself two questions, “is the content I am about to share relevant?” and “would I be interested in reading this?” If it’s not and you feel it won’t spark your audiences’ interest –scrap it. Putting up content just for the sake of bulking up your presence will, in our years of experience, have an adverse effect on your brand.  Be sure to use topics that are adding value to you and your business and highlight what you stand for.

Tip 2 – Trends

There’s not one day that goes by that we don’t hear this buzzword. The reason why it’s a buzzword is that it is SO important to stay on top of trends to keep your content fresh, and your audience engaged. With all the information in the world available at customers’ fingertips, you will need to up your content game to keep them engaged with fresh, new information. Remember to tailor your social content to what’s happening in the world around you. Keep in mind that different social platforms may have different, popular trends.

Tip 3 – Quality over quantity

Some marketers feel the need for excessive social media posting. We suggest you avoid this as it distracts from the quality of your content. It is very easy to fall into the trap of posting anything as you feel you must put up a daily post. Rather, find the right balance of social media postings that suit your brand, keeping in mind that with inconsistency, you may lose followers and overdo the number of posts, which may also have a negative effect on your following. Balance is key.

Tip 4 – Find ways to stand out, while still serving your audience

Mix it up! By blending your strategy with both educational and informational posts, as well as branded content that is equally hilarious, as it is newsworthy – you are giving your audience what they want! Informative information, with a more ‘human ‘element.

Tip 5 – Consistency is KEY

There is a reason why this saying has lasted the test of time – it really is true, especially when it comes to social media platforms. To stay on top of your social media strategy game, we suggest you test what suits your audience and what kinds of posts get you the best response rate – and move forward with the strategy consistently. For example, if it suits your business to post every two days – be sure not to miss a day.

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