5 simple hacks to close a business deal

Business development is always about connecting with people that engage with you in a mutually beneficial business relationship. It’s about growth and not hard sales. To be successful in business development you must have determination but also a lot of patience. There are a few simple things to remember to help close a business deal. 

Do your research

Invest a little more time into getting to know your leads. If the company knows you’ve done some background research, they’ll be impressed seeing that you’ve shown an interest in what they do. Read the news, study their website, glance over their recent blog posts. It’s great for conversation and you can optimise your sales pitch without having to learn anything new.

Be realistic

There have been so many times when I’ve approached a company with an idea and they’ve explained why they didn’t think they were the right agency for the project. This is so important and exactly how companies are successful, by understanding their market and knowing when a project isn’t the right fit. Don’t be blind-sighted by a big budget; you’ll end up wasting time and damaging your reputation if it all goes south.

Be transparent

Be open with your leads about how you do business, what you prioritise, how much you will engage and what you are trying to achieve. Don’t cut corners and don’t make the client feel like you’re pushing to close, it may backfire and come across like you’re desperate for the work, which is never a good look! People buy into people, so be honest, personable and win clients because you’ve earned it.

Balance your leads

Don’t put all your energy into one lead because you believe it’s close to completing. You never know what other contract might be looking to confirm at the last minute. Nurture all of your leads and make sure they’re all moving forward.

Have social proof

It’s proven that most customers look for reviews or social reputation before they make a purchase. In fact, Bright Local conducted a survey that revealed 84% of people polled they trusted online reviews and testimonials (1). Make sure your website sells you as much as your people do and your clients are advocates for you. Encourage happy clients to leave feedback, engage with you on social media and tell their contacts about your great work.

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