Do you know the key Digital Marketing trends for 2018? We all know that advertising is dominating the online world. Identifying what works and on what platform can deliver the best results can be a challenge for any brand. Marketers are always looking to leverage the latest trend to better engage their targeted audience.

In this Blog Post we will be discussing 3 different Digital Marketing Trends:
• Video Content
• The Power of the Influencer
• Interacting with Artificial Intelligence

1. Video Content

82% of Twitter Users watch video content on Twitter, 87% of online markets use video content. Movement catches the viewer’s eye and allows the viewer to easily engage with the content.

Many companies have started to use GIFS or Videos as a strategy more so than high-quality images. Videos are being posted on social media as a form of a display ad or are utilised in remarketing for their targeted audience. Precisely, videos that are sharp, quick, and straight to the point ranging from 30-90 seconds are the most popular and most effective.

Companies use live stories when promoting an event to show their expertise or advertise their various services. Platforms such as Youtube Live, Facebook Live, and even Instagram Live are dominating more than the basic “post”. In 2016, it was a £21.6 billion ($30B) live streaming industry and is projected to grow to more than a £50.5B ($70B) industry by 2020 (Patel).

2. The Power of the Influencer

Influencers in the online market are being used more than ever before as part of a company’s marketing strategy. In many ways, Influencer marketing shaped 2017 and there’s no reason to think this trend won’t continue throughout 2018.

Companies are becoming more savvy, recognising that Influencers are often the best at selling a ‘call to action’ to a targeted audience without making it seem ‘corporate’ or forced. The right Influencer will have an established following, credibility and authenticity that a company might not otherwise be able to replicate to its target audience.

They know their audience and what makes them click. The important word to note, here, is ‘authenticity’ – create content, not advertisements for Influencers to push across their social media accounts. However Influencers will vary per sector, but they make a power impact on content.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Companies are finding fun, interactive and new ways for users to find them. Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a type of technology that can simulate human intelligence, and is fast becoming an important consideration to a marketing plan. AI products such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are providing a fresh way for companies to find and connect with their customers on a personalised level.

With technology continuing to advance at a fast rate, it will become even more important for marketing teams to become agiler and start to dip their feet in AI and leverage it to their advantage.

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